Grief bubbles up from deep inside you. It doesn’t have a schedule. It cares not for chores, or duties, or the million things that make up life. 

Grief is the love you can no longer give him, because he has moved on in his next journey. 

Grief causes you to pull over suddenly,on the way to the grocery store, because your eyes are blurred with tears of sadness, longing, and shock. 

Grief is the feeling of helplessness for those most hurting in your life. 

Grief is anger. So much anger. It swells your chest and causes you to lash out, break things. Anything to let it out. Then you sit empty and lost. 

Grief is feeling lost. Lost in the cruelty of this world. The seemingly madness of it all.

Grief is being scared of losing any memory, any thought, any reminder. 

Grief is suddenly realizing that anyone and everyone is temporary. Ah, the cruel side of love. This is what is meant by love in the material world being imperfect. It all leads to pain. 

Grief is willing he knew he was so loved and is so missed. 

Grief is the loss of that soul. He moved on, but we are left behind. 

Grief is seeing a stranger who has a physical feature similar to his. You stop on the sidewalk and watch the stranger walk by, remembering when he smiled and laughed just like that. 

Grief feels unending, and completely enveloping, and at the same time, gone all too soon. How can you feel ok? That feels wrong , too. 

Nothing is right. How can it be, without him? 

Grief is feeling like we can’t go on, yet we do. 

Time is cruel for it takes him away, but time is also our best friend, for only it can heal our hearts, left without him. 

Grief is struggling to find compassion for your loved ones, they are hurting, too. We all show it differently, we all live it differently. Sometimes, it hurts to see other’s methods of coping. We must show compassion, we must forgive and simply continue to love. Help one other continue on our paths. 

Grief is a many headed beast. Something we must live through. Live with. Something we must embrace to let go.

We must turn to Krishna, each other and loved ones, to make it through.