5 Minutes Out of My Day

I was just out buying groceries at a store. As the cashier was checking out my items, the kid bagging my groceries was chatting me up. He had special needs, not physical like my daughter(CP), but social. I could see the looks on the people’s faces, waiting in line. They had that pained, oh God, we have to deal with this slowing us down look, one even left our line and went to another one. Even the cashier looked annoyed and sighed as my groceries were backing up.This kid was slow, he definitely added some time to all our grocery experiences, but let me tell you, what a way to brighten up my day. He asked me a bunch of questions to make sure he was bagging to my specifications, he asked me what I was doing for Valentine’s day and excitedly told me he was going to send his girlfriend flowers, he told me about his favorite new movies and he complimented me on my nose ring, we talked about how cool it must be to fly planes ( my husband is a pilot). All with a sunny smile and a lot of laughter.
To all the people who were waiting in line behind me. Yeah, you will lose 5 or 10 minutes of your day, but man, you will open your heart to the beauty of this world.
I pray that when the world deals with my daughter, they will take a few minutes to treat her like a person and in return,I promise, they will get a warm heart and beauty to add to their lives .