Good Parenting

There are days when suddenly you are faced with your own ugly nature.  Today was such a day for me. 
There is a family that I see at Wawoo’s therapy.  They are never clean, always unkept, loud and at times obnoxious.  I have, at numerous times, rolled my eyes in my mind and been annoyed.  I’ve judged them, although I try not to judge people, I judged them harshly.  I judged their dirty appearance, I judged their children’s long nails, rude behavior and loud yelling and screaming.  I looked, like the other parents, at others in the room,with that ‘can you believe this behavior ‘ look ?
I smiled at this family when our eyes met, because I pride myself on being friendly.  Still I judged them. 

Today I was hit by a realization as I saw them pulling out of the parking lot.  They are here every week, multiple times a week, for their children.  Helping them to become the best they can be.  I’ve seen parents who could care less about the developmental needs of their special little one.  These parents might not be the ideal I hold myself to, but they are ideal, in that, they care for their child.  They bring her every week and push her to develop. 
Who am I to judge what is important in their life?
This ugliness in myself is painful for me to see.  It shows me how far I need to grow.  How little I truly see the beauty in others. 
I am reminded that we are all trying our best and instead of judging one another, we should raise each other up. 
I hope I remember this next time my mind starts to put a stranger in a box I think they belong in.