mommy breaks

Last month I was fortunate enough to have 4 days to myself while my hubby watched the Wawoo.  This was the first time traveling so far away for such a long time without the munchkin. It was amazing to remember that I am a person separate from my child. Although she is what defines me and brings so much meaning to my life I really enjoyed being a carefree woman for a few days.

As a mom under a lot of emotional,mental and physical stress it was a needed break. First one in 5 year, 6 if you count when she was in my belly. Breaks are few and far between but it is something all mothers need. Being a mom comes with a dose of guilt and being a special needs mom comes with a truckload. Knowing your kiddo needs you for everything and that she will just sit bored without you there to stimulate her is mind numbing sometimes.

Stepping outside of your domain and going somewhere where you can’t do any of your normal responsibilities helps disconnect from the guilt, the need to care, the worry. We live in a society that is not mommy break friendly. I grew up part of my life in India and there I saw moms had a lot of help from family. They did things on their own and didn’t feel guilty leaving their kids with their mom, mom in law, aunt etc. I think it’s important that we have those people in our lives whether they are friends or family. I am lucky to have my hubby who swaps off with me without fuss. He knows I need to get away sometimes and obliges without question.

The thing is being a mom made me wish my daughter was with me all the time! haha I guess you can’t win.

I came home refreshed and happier. Ready to put my super mom cape back on and charge forward. Even if that feeling only lasted the day I was still happy to have had it at all.  🙂