I am here at a conductive education camp for Wawoo. It is amazing and she loves it. While here I get to meet other moms and dads with kids similar to Wawoo. It is always enlightening and a comfort to meet with these individuals.We swap info and techniques, we learn about programs and insurance management,we share better ways to help our children get what they need and live healthier fuller lives. This support is so crucial. I thrive on it. Finally someone who knows what I feel like and go through. Someone who can understand the mental and emotional stress I live with everyday. 

Actually there is someone who is really the one person who knows how I feel,my husband. He is always there for me in so many ways. He knows when to step in when I can’t handle a second more. He knows when I need a hug or to be left alone. He knows the turmoil I feel when I don’t know what’s wrong with my child and she can’t tell me even though she tries. He is my everything and he never stops giving.

I have met other moms with special needs children and some of them don’t have the support I do. They don’t have husbands they can rely on and trust to be there for them. It makes me realize that I am blessed with so much. A man who knows that being a father is more than just having a kid. A man who wakes up at 4 and takes a screaming child from my hands so I can sleep until 10. A man who shoos me out the door to spend time with friends even though our child is screaming bloody murder behind him. A man who does all this and provides for us so that I can stay home and manage our daughter’s life. This man is a superman in my eyes. I thank you Krsna for him over and over. I didn’t know how lucky I was when he slipped that ring on my finger and promised to care for me and our future family. This support is a blessing not a given. For this and many more things I am grateful to my husband. thank you for being you.